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Limited Conditional LIFETIME WARRANTY

What is Limited Conditional LIFETIME WARRANTY?

1. EMS  and Massager Products

All products purchased at our full price are covered under our Limited Conditional LIFETIME WARRANTY program

Our Limited Conditional LIFETIME WARRANTY is a guarantee issued by us to a buyer that our product will meet the leading quality standard without manufacturing faulty and it's also our policy to reward returning customers for doing on-going business with us.

The warranty program covers our selected devices and machines including vibration machines, massage guns, ems stimulation controllers device (Device A), after your purchase of our selected products at the full prices, you are entitled to replace the device within the first 2 years of your purchase.

After 2 years, within 3 months of any purchase of any selected items that is in an equivalent value of the full price of device that needs to be replaced, we also will replace the device for free. 







For EMS products, gel pads and systemized pads are designed to be replaceable , wear and tear are not covered under warranty.

2. Neck Theatre

In the first 2 years after you purchase our Neck Theatre at any price, if our product happens to be faulty, we replace the device for FREE.

After 2 years, we replace a Neck Theatre for FREE within 3 months of any purchase on our website in equivalent value of the full price of the Neck Theatre.

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